Engaged and effective, Athens Managed Care Inc. specializes in designing, developing and maintaining medical care programs that integrate core services within Workers’ Compensation to deliver superior, measurable results for both patients and their employers. Tightly integrated with claims systems, our solutions relieve examiners of expensive, time-consuming, tedious work, enabling them to concentrate on delivering effective and cost-efficient managed care.

Why Athens Managed Care Inc.?

Our managed care solutions provide the highest quality proactive management of Workers’ Compensation cases, lowering claim costs while delivering improved health results for patients:

  • Experienced Managed Care Team
  • Fully Integrated with Claims Systems
  • Complete Transparency with Bill Review, Claims and Case Management
  • Aggressive Claims Management Strategies
  • Client Specific Criteria Development
  • Highly Efficient Referral Process
  • Highest Level of Timeliness, Communication and Accuracy