We are extremely proud to announce that Athens Managed Care, Inc. will begin operations effective September, 2013. Athens Managed Care, Inc. offers innovative managed care solutions that improve patient care quality while lowering claims costs for employers.

Throughout our history, we have constantly evolved in order to best respond to the demands of the Workers’ Compensation environment. Embracing the concept of constant growth and improvement has positioned us as an industry leader since the beginning. Stemming from our dedication to innovation Athens Managed Care, Inc. is our latest service offering.

Claiming the Future of Managed Care

Engaged and effective, Athens Managed Care, Inc. specializes in designing, developing and maintaining medical care programs that integrate core services within Workers’ Compensation to deliver superior, measurable results for both patients’ and their employers:

  • Experienced Managed Care Team
  • Fully Integrated Managed Care Approach
  • Complete Transparency with Bill Review, Claims and Case Management
  • Aggressive Claims Management Strategies
  • Client-Specific Criteria Development
  • Highly Efficient Referral Process
  • Highest Level of Timeliness, Communication and Accuracy

Driven to Deliver Managed Care You Can Trust

For many years, Athens has successfully engaged in the battle to mitigate the impact of escalating medical utilization and cost trends. Living and breathing claims has provided us with a unique perspective into the medical component of claims. We understand that medical-related costs amount to greater than 60% of the total cost of a claim.

Lower Costs, Better Care

Beyond the dollars — we also know that quality and timely medical care has a direct impact on the lives of the individuals whose claims we are administering. Athens Managed Care, Inc. brings select medical cost containment services in-house, providing greater control and superior overall insight into the claims that we service. Greater control and understanding results in superior service and claim outcomes.

The Athens Managed Care, Inc. Team — Proven Experts

The founding members of the Athens Managed Care, Inc. team are a skilled and experienced group of managed care professionals bringing specific and extensive California workers’ compensation industry experience. They are focused on monitoring medical costs and delivering improved cost savings through the effective use of cost containment services. Effective, efficient and highly motivated, these individuals have embraced Athens Administrators service culture and are committed to replicating it at Athens Managed Care, Inc.